Douglas Jackson was born on the job. In 1963, CharityVision’s founder, and Doug’s father, Dr. William Jackson experienced overseas medicine for the first time on a six-month assignment to Algeria. He returned home with more than just great souvenirs – namely child #5. A Certified Public Accountant by training, Douglas spent a limited amount of time working with Arthur Andersen before joining a small business consulting group in Dallas, Texas. Within a couple of years, he and his partners initiated a dental roll-up which eventually acquired 100 clinics over a four-state region and enjoyed revenues of forty-five million dollars annually. An entrepreneur at heart, Doug loves applying business thinking to humanitarian issues; cutting costs and finding self-sustainable solutions while at the same time helping those in need.
Since his arrival in 2001, CharityVision has seen its costs per surgery cut by 75%, surgical numbers have grown from 6,500 to 65,000 annually, a large-scale school screening program has been implemented, and CharityVision is aggressively establishing a network of sustainable clinics worldwide.
Doug is passionate about this work and loves to share the CharityVision model with anyone who will listen. He and his wife Sharon have six children and live in Provo, Utah. Doug enjoys adventure, travel, tennis and has spent the last 25 years coaching competitive soccer.