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On our trip with the Romneys, we met Wilbur, an artist unable to provide for his family because of his cataracts. Craig Romney spoke with Wilbur about how his life will be different with sight. Their interactions are touching!


Fermina’s Story

Fermina, from Bolivia, is 79 years old. She has lost her vision due to cataracts and struggles to take care of her grandsons. With the help of CharityVision, she received a sight restorative surgery that allowed her to take care of her family again.


Fola’s Story

Fola, a five year old, who lives outside of Atwab Egypt has bilateral cataracts and can see no further than one meter. Without intervention she will most likely go completely blind. Dr. Ahmed Hatoot, a Charity Vision International Doctor, can save her sight. Without people like Dr. Hatoot, many would suffer from needless blindness. Charity Vision enables local physicians to perform this kind of charitable work. Our vision is to restore theirs.